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‘Design and Marketing’ is the beating heart of IT DESIGN STUDIO. Our abilities, strengths and knowledge have been amassed through vast, deep, colourful and enriching professional and personal experiences, often drawing from exposure to the mosaic of basic design composites.

With each and every project affording its own identity, peculiarity and unique demands, our living palette is ever expanding and constantly evolving to meet, greet and satisfy the differing challenges that we are fortunate enough to engage in on a regular basis. 

IT DESIGN STUDIO has successfully undertaken a vast plethora of projects and commissions from ‘standard marketing’ activities to blueprints for product designs (EMTEC - Movie Cube / NEC - Generation PC chassis) Although the principal volume of our work can be categorised as ‘Marketing and Communication’, we actively relish the opportunity to invest our design and creativity into projects one might consider ‘outside of the box’.